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ZTE golden lion Reverse radar (dedicated to special vehicles)

ZTE golden lion Reverse radar (dedicated to special vehicles)

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Reverse radar (dedicated to special vehicles) introduce

The full name of the reverse radar is "reverse collision avoidance radar", also known as "parking assistance device". It is a safety assistance device for parking or reversing a car, consisting of ultrasonic sensors (commonly known as probes), controllers, and displays (or buzzers). It can inform the driver of the situation of surrounding obstacles through sound or more intuitive display, relieving the driver of the trouble caused by looking forward, backward, left, and right when parking, reversing, and starting the vehicle, And it helps drivers eliminate blind spots and blurred vision, improving driving safety. The reverse radar consists of these parts: (1) Ultrasonic sensor: used to transmit and receive ultrasonic signals, and distance can be measured through ultrasonic sensor (2) Host: emits sine wave pulses to the ultrasonic sensor, processes the received signal, converts the distance value, and communicates the data with the display (3) Display or buzzer: Receive distance data from the host, display distance values based on distance distance, and provide different levels of distance alarm sounds. Number of probes: 1. Car reversing radars on the market have and 8 probes respectively, 2-4 probes. The reversing radar is generally installed on the rear bumper of the car, and the 6-8 probes are installed in front 2, back 4, and front 4, back 4. There are also ordinary reversing radars with 6 or more probes for new off-road use, In addition to detecting the rear of the vehicle, it can also detect the front left and right corners. 2. The number of reverse radar probes for large vehicles is 4-18, which can scan and detect blind spots around the vehicle; Reminder sound: Many people tend to be particularly nervous when reversing, and hearing the continuous sound of the machine can cause them to become restless and increase their chances of making mistakes. Therefore, do not blindly believe that what can produce sound is always good. If you are sensitive to sound and easily anxious, then choose a silent reverse radar, The display is clear and concise. The radar performance mainly includes sensitivity, the presence of blind spots, and the range of detection distance. Generally, the microwave radar probe used for reversing cars should have a detection distance of 1.5-0.3 meters, and good ones can reach 2.5 meters. Some reversing radars, due to their insufficient sensitivity, have a detection distance of only 1.2-0.4 meters, This will bring certain difficulties to the driver's judgment and taking measures. Secondly, in terms of display stability and capturing target speed: display stability refers to whether the distance of the obstacle can be captured and stably displayed in the presence of poor reflection surface of the obstacle; Capturing target speed reflects the ability of the reverse radar to capture moving objects. The performance requirements of the reverse radar are: accurate measurement, stable measurement, wide range, and fast capture speed. [2] Quality inspection. Follow the instructions for distance testing to see if the radar's response matches the instructions, whether the radar is sensitive, and whether there are any false alarms; Conducting a waterproof test on the probe is crucial for ensuring that the radar can function properly in rainy, snowy, and humid weather. In the southern and northern regions, it is also necessary to test the radar's working conditions in high and low temperatures, with the best reaching -35 ℃ -70 ℃. Beyond this limit, sensitivity is greatly reduced, and even does not work. There are many options for purchasing reverse radars, and car owners can purchase and install them through auto parts stores, Taobao online stores, Baidu search, and other channels, You can also directly purchase and install it in a decoration store. When selecting and installing, pay attention to choosing a large brand and installing it in a large decoration or 4S store, so as to ensure quality and after-sales service. Precautions [3] When selecting a reverse radar, Pay attention to the following four aspects. 1. Function: A fully functional reverse radar should have distance display, audible alarm, area warning, and direction indication. 2. Performance: Performance is mainly considered from the detection range, accuracy, display stability, and target capture speed. 3. Style: The color of the probe should match the color of the vehicle body; Vehicles with wider bumpers should be equipped with products with thinner and larger probes. 4. Service: It is recommended to choose products with a warranty period of more than 2 years)

golden lion introduce

The 2WD and 4WD series of ZTE Golden Lion are matched with a 90KW Mitsubishi four cylinder electronic injection engine and a 127KW Daimler Chrysler six cylinder engine, respectively. The key components of the transmission, car, and suspension are directly imported from the United States and Japan. Especially the 4WD version of the time-sharing drive system allows drivers to choose the driving mode based on actual road conditions. When driving on general roads and highways, Economy (rear wheel drive) driving mode can be adopted, and four-wheel drive can be used when driving on harsh roads such as mountains, snow, and mud. Whether it is rough or smooth, the four-wheel drive version of the "ZTE Golden Lion" will help you move forward and create a four-wheel drive myth

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