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DS 9 new energy Room Mirror

DS 9 new energy Room Mirror

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Room Mirror introduce

In fact, everyone knows about indoor mirrors. In order to see the environment and road conditions around the car, indoor mirrors can also reduce blind spots and make drivers safer, as well as reduce the occurrence of accidents. However, many people do not know how to use indoor mirrors correctly, so blind spots increase when driving, making it unsafe to drive on the road. Although reversing mirrors on both sides are important, But you should know that car interior mirrors are also very important for drivers, and when used well, they can save your life in some unexpected situations)

Method for replacing car rearview mirror lenses:

Method for replacing car rearview mirror lenses: 1. Press the head of the lens by hand to lift the tail, then grab the tail with your hand and pull it out forcefully to remove the old lens; 2. There is a mark on the black plastic holder on the back of the lens, with the left driver's seat lens bearing the letter L and the right passenger's seat lens bearing the letter R; 3. Use pointed pliers to peel off the remaining exposed metal wire on the rearview mirror, then screw it separately with the copper wire at one end of the heating wire head and wrap it with insulating tape; 4. Manually connect the metal clip on one end of the heating wire, and connect it to the clip above the black plastic clip on the back of the lens. Place the connected lens into the rearview mirror housing, adjust the position, and press firmly. When you hear two clicking sounds, it indicates that all the clips on the lens have been securely installed; 5. Start the car and adjust the rearview mirror to its usual fixed position

DS 9 new energy introduce

DS 9 New Energy is a mid size vehicle under DS Automotive

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