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Guoji Zhijun GX5 ignition coil

Guoji Zhijun GX5 ignition coil

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ignition coil introduce

With the development of gasoline engines in automobiles towards high speed, high compression ratio, high power, low fuel consumption, and low emissions, traditional ignition devices are no longer suitable for use. The core components of ignition devices are ignition coils and switch devices. By increasing the energy of the ignition coils, the spark plug can generate sufficient energy to produce sparks, This is the basic condition for the ignition device to adapt to the operation of modern engines. The ignition coil is divided into two types according to the magnetic circuit: open magnetic and closed magnetic. The traditional ignition coil is used with an open magnetic type, and its iron core is stacked with about 0.3 millimeters of silicon steel, with secondary and primary coils wound around the iron core. The closed magnetic type uses an iron core similar to III to wrap around the primary coil, and then wraps around the secondary coil outside. The magnetic field line is composed of an iron core to form a closed magnetic circuit. The advantage of the closed magnetic ignition coil is that it has less magnetic leakage, Due to its small energy loss and volume, electronic ignition systems generally use closed field ignition coils)

Guoji Zhijun GX5 introduce

The Guojizhijun GX5 is a small SUV under the Guojizhijun brand

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