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Land Rover Range Rover Front windshield wiper motor

Land Rover Range Rover Front windshield wiper motor

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Front windshield wiper motor introduce

Windshield wipers, also known as wipers, water scooters, wipers, or windshield wipers, are devices used to remove raindrops and dust attached to the vehicle's windshield, in order to improve driver visibility and increase driving safety. Due to legal requirements, almost all cars are equipped with wipers, and the rear windows of vehicles such as hatchbacks and recreational vehicles are also equipped with wipers. In addition to cars, other transportation vehicles are also equipped with wipers, such as trains and trams. Some engineering machinery, such as cranes, are also equipped with wipers. Windshield wipers, also known as wipers, refer to a blade structure installed in front of the windshield, consisting of an electric motor and a reducer. Composed of a four link mechanism, wiper arm spindle, wiper blade assembly, etc., the main function is to sweep away rain, snow, and dust that obstruct the view on the windshield. Intermittent flexible wipers are adjusted by the driver according to the rain and line of sight conditions. Unlike other ordinary wipers installed on cars, they can automatically adjust the wiper speed according to changes in vehicle speed. Because in the same amount of rainfall, the faster the vehicle speed, the more rain will fall on the oncoming side, and if parked, The deceleration operation of the wiper also reduces noise. The power source of the wiper comes from the electric motor, which is the core of the entire wiper system. The quality requirements of the wiper motor are quite high. It uses a DC permanent magnet motor, and the wiper motor installed on the front windshield is generally integrated with the mechanical part of the worm gear and worm gear. The function of the worm gear and worm gear mechanism is to decelerate and increase torque, and its output shaft drives the four link mechanism to change continuous rotational motion into left and right swinging motion through the four link mechanism. The wiper motor adopts a three brush structure to facilitate speed change. The intermittent time is controlled by an intermittent relay, and the return switch contact of the motor and the charging and discharging function of the relay resistor capacitor make the wiper follow a certain cycle. Scraping and sweeping. The wiper blade rubber strip is a tool that directly removes rainwater and dirt from the glass. The wiper blade rubber strip is pressed towards the surface of the glass through a spring strip, and its lip must match the angle of the glass to achieve the required performance. Generally, there is a wiper control knob on the car combination switch handle, with three gears: low speed, high speed, and intermittent. The top of the handle is the washer button switch, and pressing the switch will spray washing water, Cooperate with the windshield washer to wash the windshield. The washer system is a common device on cars, consisting of a water storage tank, water pump, water delivery pipe, and spray nozzle. The water storage tank is usually a 1.5-liter plastic tank, and the water pump is a micro electric centrifugal pump that delivers the washing water from the water storage tank to the spray nozzle. Through the squeezing effect of 2-4 spray nozzles, the washing water is sprayed into a small jet towards the windshield, which works together with the windshield wiper to clean the windshield)

The repair and installation methods for the wiper motor are as follows:

The repair and installation methods for the wiper motor are as follows: 1. First, install the wiper arm and wiper blade onto the wiper motor, then hold the wiper assembly by hand and place it in front of the windshield. Connect the 12V power supply to the wiper motor, and the wiper motor will start running. This way, the wiper arm can be clearly seen; 2. The angle at which the wiper blade rotates on the windshield, adjust the wiper arm by manually running the wiper assembly. The angle of the wiper blade on both sides of the windshield is roughly similar, which can determine the position of the two mounting holes on the wiper motor. Drill two holes on the iron frame under the windshield according to the position of the two mounting holes; 3. Remove the wiper arm and wiper blade, install the wiper motor onto the iron frame with bolts, and then install the wiper arm and wiper blade outside the windshield. Connect the wiper motor power cord along the iron frame to the battery or headlight wire

Range Rover introduce

Land Rover's brand, Range Rover, has ushered in glorious glory and history, making it a truly world-class luxury SUV and a legendary masterpiece in the history of automotive design. The Range Rover family is about to welcome a new model, Range Rover, which foreshadows its future development. Its debut will not only be a faithful reproduction of the concept car two years ago, but also a perfect interpretation of the classic inheritance and bold breakthrough of Range Rover design concepts

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