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Land Rover Range Rover Front lower swing arm

Land Rover Range Rover Front lower swing arm

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Front lower swing arm introduce

The function of the front wheel lower control arm is to support the vehicle body, fix and support the wheels. The front wheel lower control arm is usually made of steel material, and the use of this material's control arm is due to its high strength, elongation, excellent formability and flanging performance, good rust prevention performance, and effective buffering of vibration generated during car driving. The function of the car lower control arm is to cushion vibration during car driving, Among them, the shock absorber is used to cooperate with the swing arm and play a buffering role. 2. Material: The swing arm has a variety of materials, including aluminum alloy, cast iron, double-layer stamped parts, single-layer stamped parts, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. Stamped parts have better toughness, but their strength is not enough, and they are easy to break under impact. 3. Rust prevention: You can usually check whether the swing arm is rusted by yourself. The position of the swing arm is located in the component connecting the front tire and the center of the car, which is easy to check, If rust is found, it is necessary to promptly go to the 4S store for treatment to prevent accidents caused by breakage)

Steps to replace the car's lower control arm:

The steps to replace the car's lower swing arm: 1. Remove the screw of the welding part between the swing arm and the front axle. This screw can be removed together with a No. 18 socket and wrench, without any obstruction around it, making it easy to disassemble. Remove the fixing screw of the support rod, where there are two screws connected to the lower swing arm, just remove these two screws; 2. Remove the fixing screw of the steering knuckle. This screw is slightly harder than the first two. You can use a No. 16 wrench to match the No. 16 socket to remove the screw and screw. Remove the swing arm. After removing all screws, you can use a hammer to knock down the swing arm. Pay attention to safety when knocking on the door; 3. Install a new connecting screw between the rocker arm and the steering knuckle. The installation process is relatively simple, just reverse the disassembly process and tighten the screw according to the specified torque. When installing the screw, tap the rocker arm upwards until the fixing bolt can pass through smoothly. Install the support rod fixing screw. After connecting the rocker arm to the support rod, tighten the two screws. 4. Install the fixing screws of the welded parts. As long as the holes are aligned, the bolt can pass through smoothly, Tighten the nut installation. In summary, it is best to perform four-wheel alignment on the vehicle after replacing the swing arm to prevent it from going in the wrong direction

Range Rover introduce

Land Rover's brand, Range Rover, has ushered in glorious glory and history, making it a truly world-class luxury SUV and a legendary masterpiece in the history of automotive design. The Range Rover family is about to welcome a new model, Range Rover, which foreshadows its future development. Its debut will not only be a faithful reproduction of the concept car two years ago, but also a perfect interpretation of the classic inheritance and bold breakthrough of Range Rover design concepts

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