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Land Rover Range Rover Luggage compartment lid

Land Rover Range Rover Luggage compartment lid

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Luggage compartment lid introduce

The luggage compartment lid requires good rigidity and is structurally similar to the engine hood, with both outer and inner panels and reinforced ribs on the inner panel. Some sedans, known as "two and a half", have their luggage compartment extending upwards, including the rear windshield, to increase the opening area and form a door. Therefore, it is also called a back door, which maintains the shape of a sedan and facilitates the storage of items. If a back door is used, the side of the inner panel of the back door should be embedded with rafter adhesive sealing strips, Surrounded by a circle to prevent water and dust, the support components for opening the luggage compartment lid are generally hook shaped hinges and four link hinges. The hinges are equipped with balance springs, which make opening and closing the luggage compartment lid effortless and can be automatically fixed in the open position for easy retrieval of items)

Installation and replacement process of luggage compartment lid/trunk lid

An assistant is required when disassembling and installing the luggage compartment lid. Wear gloves to protect your hands and prevent injury. 1) Separate the luggage compartment lid decorative panel fixture and remove the luggage compartment lid decorative panel. 2) Separate the luggage compartment rear wire and connector. 3) Unscrew the luggage compartment lid hinge fixing bolt and remove the luggage compartment lid. 4) Install a new luggage compartment lid in the opposite order of disassembly

Range Rover introduce

Land Rover's brand, Range Rover, has ushered in glorious glory and history, making it a truly world-class luxury SUV and a legendary masterpiece in the history of automotive design. The Range Rover family is about to welcome a new model, Range Rover, which foreshadows its future development. Its debut will not only be a faithful reproduction of the concept car two years ago, but also a perfect interpretation of the classic inheritance and bold breakthrough of Range Rover design concepts

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