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Land Rover Range Rover safety belt

Land Rover Range Rover safety belt

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safety belt introduce

"Safety" has become the primary concern for drivers and passengers, and is also one of the most important performance factors for cars. Traditional components that ensure safe driving, such as rearview mirrors and left and right door mirrors (traditional rearview systems), seat belts, AIRBAGs (airbags), and ABS (anti lock braking systems), have been widely used by drivers and passengers, and are widely used in imported luxury cars. However, Traditional concepts of safe driving: safety belts, AIRBAG ABS, and traditional rearview systems do not equal the entire concept of safety, as traditional rearview systems consist of three flat or wide-angle mirrors with blind spots (dead angles) and parallax, Blind spots and parallax are often the causes of car accidents. Car seat belts are devices used in cars to prevent passengers and drivers from being injured by airbags when the body of the car is hit hard. To ensure the correct positioning of the belt, tie the lap part of the waist belt under the pelvis, and hang the shoulder belt diagonally in front of the chest, Cannot be fastened to other parts. A seat belt can only be used by one person. The seat belt cannot be twisted up for use. Wearing thick clothing may cause the seat belt to be in an incorrect position. Do not let the seat belt rub against sharp edges. Do not tilt the seat back too much, otherwise the seat belt cannot be properly extended or shortened. Do not press the seat belt onto hard or fragile objects, If the seat belt has been subjected to a severe impact, even if it is not damaged, the assembly should be replaced. The seat belt should be regularly checked for wear and damaged parts should be replaced. When there is no one on the seat, the seat belt should be fully retracted into the retracter so that the buckle is in the storage position, avoiding emergency braking, Buckle tongue collides with an object. The seat belt can be cleaned with soft soap and water with a cloth or sponge. Do not use dyes and bleach on the seat belt, as it will reduce its strength)

Introduction to good installation methods for seat belts

Introduction to good installation methods for seat belts: Process 1. Sitting on a car seat, pull out the seat belt with one hand and hold the buckle with the other hand, using the buckle to secure the buckle to ensure that the seat belt is securely fastened to the body. 2. Adjust the belt position. The three-point waist belt should be tied as low as possible, tied to the hips, not to the waist. 3. Adjust the position of the shoulder belt. The shoulder belt should be comfortably hung at the collarbone, rather than pinching the neck or rubbing against the face, It's not necessary to hang it under your arm. 4. Check if the seat belt is secure before driving to ensure its proper performance before driving. 5. Unfasten your seat belt. Hold the buckle with one hand and press

Range Rover introduce

Land Rover's brand, Range Rover, has ushered in glorious glory and history, making it a truly world-class luxury SUV and a legendary masterpiece in the history of automotive design. The Range Rover family is about to welcome a new model, Range Rover, which foreshadows its future development. Its debut will not only be a faithful reproduction of the concept car two years ago, but also a perfect interpretation of the classic inheritance and bold breakthrough of Range Rover design concepts

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