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Land Rover Range Rover transmission housing

Land Rover Range Rover transmission housing

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transmission housing introduce

Transmission housing: The transmission housing and cover are used to install the transmission mechanism, shifting device, and some control mechanisms, while storing lubricating oil. In order to reduce the weight of the car, for sedans, the transmission housing and cover are often made of aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy. The transmission housing and cover of medium and heavy vehicles are generally made of cast iron to ensure their strength requirements. The material of the transmission housing is gray cast iron, commonly used as HT200. The transmission housing is the basic component, Used for installing and supporting all parts of the gearbox and storing lubricating oil. It has precise boring holes for installing bearings. The gearbox bears variable loads, so the housing should have sufficient stiffness, with reinforced inner walls and complex shapes, mostly made of castings (made of gray cast iron, commonly HT200). For ease of installation, the transmission and control parts are often made into split sections, and the box cover is connected to the housing by bolts and reliably positioned. There are oil filling and drainage ports, and oil level inspection dipstick ports on the housing, Heat dissipation should also be considered)

Common faults of automatic transmissions include:

Common faults of automatic transmissions include: 1. Oil leakage: Oil seeps out from the gearbox housing or oil pan due to aging seals, poor sealing, and poor manufacturing processes, resulting in sand holes in the housing; 2. Engine shutdown when shifting into D or R gear: The engine shutdown when shifting into D or R gear may be due to damage to the locking solenoid valve; 3. Locked gear: The input and output signals of the gearbox are incorrect or the circuit components themselves have poor wiring; 4. No response when shifting: Shift into D or R gear, then release the brake and the vehicle will not move. This situation is often caused by damage to the input shaft or reverse clutch; 5. During driving, the vehicle may experience gear shifting shock and jerking, which may be caused by dirty transmission oil, resulting in valve body jamming; 6. Transmission slippage and weak acceleration: When the car is driving, there is a sound of the engine idling due to the acceleration of the fuel gate. This phenomenon is mostly caused by burnt clutch plates

Range Rover introduce

Land Rover's brand, Range Rover, has ushered in glorious glory and history, making it a truly world-class luxury SUV and a legendary masterpiece in the history of automotive design. The Range Rover family is about to welcome a new model, Range Rover, which foreshadows its future development. Its debut will not only be a faithful reproduction of the concept car two years ago, but also a perfect interpretation of the classic inheritance and bold breakthrough of Range Rover design concepts

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