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Guoji Zhijun GX5 Body control module assembly

Guoji Zhijun GX5 Body control module assembly

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Body control module assembly introduce

1. The body control module assembly transmits commands: the speed control command triggers a signal, which comes from the vehicle controller. On the one hand, the body controller reflects the driver's intention, and on the other hand, from the perspective of safety and the operation status of the vehicle electrical system, evaluates whether the response to the driver is reasonable, Finally, execute or discount the execution. The driver's intention is expressed and transmitted to the vehicle controller through the accelerator and brake pedals. 2. Adjust the operating status of the equipment: The specific instructions given by the vehicle controller to the motor controller are related to the power system, including acceleration, deceleration, braking, parking. The response made by the motor controller is to change the power supply current, voltage, frequency and other parameters, Ensure that the operating status of the motor meets the needs of the controller. 3. Detection feedback: If different motors have different thermal characteristics, different start stop control schemes should be adopted when continuously driving the motor to avoid motor overheating. The vehicle controller should consider using mature technology and products, and minimize the occurrence of faults in design selection and system design. Choosing intelligent chips can monitor the status of electrical equipment and provide feedback to microcontrollers)

Introduction to Body Control Module

The function of the body control module is to achieve discrete control functions and control numerous electrical appliances, mainly controlling the electrical appliances of the car body, such as lamps, wipers, door locks, electric windows, skylights, etc. It is the switch signals of these appliances that are input to the BCM, which directly or through relays controls the corresponding electrical appliances to work. With the development of automobiles, the comfort of automobiles is also constantly improving, which makes the application of automobiles more and more, More powerful modules are needed to control it. The editor will introduce the body control module. Introduction to body control module: The functions of the body control module include: electric door and window control, central door lock control, remote anti-theft, lighting system control, electric rearview mirror heating control, instrument backlight adjustment, power distribution, etc

Guoji Zhijun GX5 introduce

The Guojizhijun GX5 is a small SUV under the Guojizhijun brand

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