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Jiangnan Elves ABS pump

Jiangnan Elves ABS pump

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ABS pump introduce

ABS, translated as "anti lock braking system" in Chinese, is one of the three great inventions in the history of automotive safety, along with airbags and seat belts. It is a car safety control system with advantages such as anti slip and anti lock ABS is an improved technology based on conventional braking devices, which can be divided into mechanical and electronic types. Modern cars are extensively equipped with anti lock braking systems. ABS not only has the braking function of ordinary braking systems, but also prevents wheel lock up, allowing the car to still turn in the braking state, ensuring the stability of the car's braking direction, and preventing sideslip and deviation. It is currently the most advanced and most effective braking device in cars)

ABS pump installation and disassembly method

1. First, disconnect the negative wire harness. 2. Then pull up the locking pin of the ABS pump plug, and separate the plug. 3. Use a wrench to turn counterclockwise and unscrew the fixing nut to separate the 4 brake lines from the ABS pump. 4. Use a wrench to turn counterclockwise and unscrew the fixing nut to separate the 2 brake lines below from the ABS pump. 5. Separate the two plugs above the engine compartment. 6. Use a tool to remove the fixing screw of the ABS pump bracket

Jiangnan Elves introduce

Jiangnan Elf (JNJ7III) is a fully redesigned and upgraded version of Jiangnan Automobile's original Alto chassis. It is positioned as a fashionable car for urban roads and is equipped with a 1.1-liter inline 4-cylinder 8-valve, four stroke water-cooled, multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection engine. The top speed is 120 kilometers per hour, and the output power is as high as 38.5 kW. The matched transmission is a 5-speed manual transmission, and the controllers coordinate the strain to make the handling sensitive and comfortable. The fuel consumption standard is 5L/100 kilometers, ensuring low fuel consumption while also providing high environmental protection

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