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Jiangnan Elves transmission shaft

Jiangnan Elves transmission shaft

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transmission shaft introduce

The drive shaft is composed of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve, and a universal joint. The driveshaft is a circular object accessory that is connected or assembled with various accessories, and can be moved or rotated. It is generally made of light and torsion resistant alloy steel pipes. For front engine rear wheel drive vehicles, it is the shaft that transmits the rotation of the transmission to the main reducer, which can be connected by several universal joints. It is a high-speed, less supported rotating body, Therefore, its dynamic balance is crucial. Generally, the transmission shaft undergoes a dynamic balance test before leaving the factory and is adjusted on a balancing machine. The transmission shaft is an important component in the automotive transmission system that transmits power, and its function is to transmit the engine's power to the wheels together with the gearbox and drive axle, To generate driving force for automobiles. The market competition in the transmission shaft industry presents the following pattern: a few strong transmission shaft production enterprises occupy the main market for main engine accessories; Most transmission shaft production enterprises with small scale, weak technical strength, and low brand awareness mainly rely on low price advantages to occupy some of the low-end host supporting market and maintenance service market, and are in a passive position in competition. Domestic transmission shaft enterprises with strong strength are partly joint venture, cooperative, or wholly-owned transmission shaft production enterprises of well-known foreign automotive parts enterprises in China, relying on their advanced equipment, technology, and high brand awareness, Mainly supporting foreign or joint venture host manufacturers, occupying a dominant position in the domestic constant speed drive shaft market; The other part is domestic transmission shaft production enterprises with a long business history, a certain production scale, and independent brands. Due to their good product quality and certain price advantages, they have long-term cooperative relationships with major domestic host manufacturers and have a clear advantageous position in the domestic non constant speed transmission shaft host matching market)

Installation method of universal joint for transmission shaft

The installation method for the universal joint of the transmission shaft is as follows: 1. Lift the front end of the vehicle with a jack. Place the jack at the front end of the frame to ensure stability. Drain the transmission fluid to prevent leakage. Insert the transmission filler plug; 2. Prepare a container for fluid and disconnect the drain plug of the transmission. Ensure the integrity of the drive shaft component by creating reference marks. Remove the installation clip or bolt to drive the drive shaft; 3. Remove the drive shaft from the transmission by removing the shackles. Secure the bearing cover with adhesive tape to prevent collision of the needle roller bearing. Stabilize it on the secondary drive shaft. Remove the magnetic tape and remove the bearing from the yoke by removing the retaining ring; 4. Use sockets of different sizes and levers provided by pliers to keep the bearing cover away from the yoke. Use pliers to push the cover onto the assembly. Flip the drive shaft around the pliers and repeat the previous process on the other end; 5. Remove all dirt and debris from the universal joints of the two yokes and the drive shaft assembly, ensuring complete cleanliness. Apply a small amount of lubricating grease to the replacement cover. Insert the bearing cover partially into the yoke and replace the bearing cover; 6. Install the universal joint into the cover. Partially insert the opposing cap. Arrange the universal joints in a row and use a press to push the cover to the appropriate position. Insert the retaining ring and position the drive shaft. Confirm that the yoke is correctly aligned with the drive shaft

Jiangnan Elves introduce

Jiangnan Elf (JNJ7III) is a fully redesigned and upgraded version of Jiangnan Automobile's original Alto chassis. It is positioned as a fashionable car for urban roads and is equipped with a 1.1-liter inline 4-cylinder 8-valve, four stroke water-cooled, multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection engine. The top speed is 120 kilometers per hour, and the output power is as high as 38.5 kW. The matched transmission is a 5-speed manual transmission, and the controllers coordinate the strain to make the handling sensitive and comfortable. The fuel consumption standard is 5L/100 kilometers, ensuring low fuel consumption while also providing high environmental protection

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