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ZTE golden lion hub

ZTE golden lion hub

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hub introduce

Aluminum alloy wheels have won the favor of more and more private car owners due to their beautiful, elegant, safe, and comfortable features. Nowadays, almost all new car models use aluminum alloy wheels, and many car owners have also replaced the original wheels with aluminum alloy wheels. Aluminum alloy wheels have one advantage Nowadays, it is generally believed that aluminum alloy wheels are better than steel wheels, for the following reasons: 1. Beautiful and elegant; 2. Lightweight and fuel-efficient; 3. Aluminum alloy has high elongation and good elasticity; 4. Heat dissipation: Aluminum alloy has better thermal conductivity than steel. 5. It has good rigidity, good roundness retention, and is not suitable for deformation. The wear of various parts of the car is minimal, making it suitable for high-speed driving; Steel is soft and prone to deformation, making four-wheel alignment useless. At high speeds (above 160), the car will vibrate significantly, affecting its lifespan; 6. It has good elasticity, improves the smoothness of vehicle driving, and is easier to absorb vibration and noise during movement. However, this type of wheel hub has a slightly poorer durability, and once it encounters a collision with a hard object, it cannot be repaired safely. For high-speed cars, it is common for steel wheel hubs to deform and brake due to high temperatures, resulting in tire bursts and reduced braking efficiency. Aluminum alloy has a thermal conductivity coefficient three times larger than steel, iron, and other materials, so its heat dissipation effect is naturally much better, This enhances braking efficiency, improves the service life of tires and brake discs, effectively ensures safe driving of the car, and provides comfort. Cars equipped with aluminum alloy wheels generally use radial tires. Radial tires have better cushioning and shock absorption performance than ordinary tires. Therefore, when the car is driving on uneven roads or at high speeds, Comfort will be greatly improved. Energy saving. Due to the light weight of aluminum alloy wheels (about 2kg difference from aluminum or steel wheels of the same specifications) and high manufacturing accuracy, deformation is small and inertia resistance is also small during high-speed rotation. This is beneficial for improving the straight-line driving performance of the car, reducing tire rolling resistance, and thus reducing fuel consumption)

Wheel hub/rim/steel ring/wheel hub/tire bell installation

1. First, place the prepared wheel hub on the rejection surface of the tire scraping machine workbench, and use the pedal to control the claw to clamp the rear rim of the wheel hub; 2. Install the valve to the opening on the front edge of the wheel hub, and tighten the valve with a hexagonal wrench to compress the rubber ring; 3. Then take the corresponding size of the tire and apply tire oil on the wheel hub mounting surface to ensure that the tire will not be damaged due to excessive friction during tire installation; 4. Be cautious and cautious. Distinguish between the front and back sides based on the tires, with the inner side facing downwards. Rotate the wheel hub while pressing the tire onto the rim, which is relatively easy; 5. Next, press the front or outer side of the tire onto the rim, controlling the wheel hub speed and slowing it down. At the same time, be careful not to damage the wheel hub due to the hook on the machine; 6. Inflate the tire and test the tire pressure with a pressure gauge. Then, hang the wheel hub onto the stud of the axle flange and use a cross socket wrench to tighten the nut onto the stud, but do not tighten it; 7. Finally, use a torque wrench to tighten the nuts in a diagonal manner in sequence. The purpose of using a torque wrench is to ensure that the pre tightening force of the nuts is accurate and appropriate;

golden lion introduce

The 2WD and 4WD series of ZTE Golden Lion are matched with a 90KW Mitsubishi four cylinder electronic injection engine and a 127KW Daimler Chrysler six cylinder engine, respectively. The key components of the transmission, car, and suspension are directly imported from the United States and Japan. Especially the 4WD version of the time-sharing drive system allows drivers to choose the driving mode based on actual road conditions. When driving on general roads and highways, Economy (rear wheel drive) driving mode can be adopted, and four-wheel drive can be used when driving on harsh roads such as mountains, snow, and mud. Whether it is rough or smooth, the four-wheel drive version of the "ZTE Golden Lion" will help you move forward and create a four-wheel drive myth

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