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ZTE golden lion Front turn signal

ZTE golden lion Front turn signal

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Front turn signal introduce

Turn signal is an important indicator light that is activated when a motor vehicle turns to remind the front, rear, left, right, and pedestrians to pay attention. The turn signal tube uses xenon gas tubes, a microcontroller control circuit, and the left and right rotate continuously to flash. The turn signal uses a flasher to achieve light flashing. It can be mainly divided into three types: wire blocking, capacitive, and electronic. Among them, wire blocking can be further divided into hot wire (electric heating) and wing type (bouncing), Electronic flashers can be divided into hybrid (with contact relays and electronic components) and fully electronic (without relays). For example, pop-up flashers use the principle of electric current thermal effect, which uses thermal expansion and contraction as power to cause sudden changes in the spring plate to connect and disconnect the contacts, achieving flashing lights. Turn signals are the most important device that represents the dynamic information of the car, installed in front and behind the body, and can be turned on when the car turns, providing safety assurance for driving, For your and others' safety, please use turn signals according to regulations, so that people can know the direction of the car in advance and make correct judgments)

Installation of front turn signals/rear turn signals/LED daytime running lights/side marker lights/front and rear position lights

Tool preparation: 1. First, we need to prepare the tools required for the entire process of installing car turn signals, including a screwdriver and a wire hook. Then, we need to prepare the car turn signals that need to be installed. 2. Turn on the double flash. As shown in the figure, open the car's key door, and press the switch button of the double flash by hand. This way, the car's double flash will open. Observe the position of the turn signal wire harness. Now we can take out the iron hook, You can make this iron hook yourself, just put it on a wire head. It's quite simple because we have a dual flash, so we can observe the position of the turn signal harness through the hole. 3. Hook out the turn signal. As shown in the figure, after we find the position of the turn signal harness, we use the small iron hook made to hook the harness, and then hook out the turn signal. Be careful to hook it slowly, Avoid disconnecting the wiring harness, and also be careful not to scratch the surface of the car, which may affect its appearance. For the first time installing a car turn signal, as shown in the figure, take out the car turn signal that needs to be installed. Let's take a closer look. There are two small snap holes on the turn signal lampshade that can be directly attached to the turn signal. Please find a good position and gently attach the turn signal to the lampshade. 4. Installation of the car turn signal. As shown in the figure, Gently clip the pre installed car turn signal light onto the card hole on the body of the car, making sure the position of the card is accurate. There is a small iron plate on one side of the turn signal light, so we need to install the plastic side first, and then gently fasten the side with the small iron plate!

golden lion introduce

The 2WD and 4WD series of ZTE Golden Lion are matched with a 90KW Mitsubishi four cylinder electronic injection engine and a 127KW Daimler Chrysler six cylinder engine, respectively. The key components of the transmission, car, and suspension are directly imported from the United States and Japan. Especially the 4WD version of the time-sharing drive system allows drivers to choose the driving mode based on actual road conditions. When driving on general roads and highways, Economy (rear wheel drive) driving mode can be adopted, and four-wheel drive can be used when driving on harsh roads such as mountains, snow, and mud. Whether it is rough or smooth, the four-wheel drive version of the "ZTE Golden Lion" will help you move forward and create a four-wheel drive myth

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