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ZTE golden lion Combination instrument assembly

ZTE golden lion Combination instrument assembly

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Combination instrument assembly introduce

The instrument panel is the interactive interface between humans and cars, providing drivers with the necessary car operating parameters, faults, mileage and other information. It is an essential component of every car. The intuitive and beautiful display of the instrument panel makes driving not only necessary for commuting, but also a part of comfortable life. The accuracy and reliability of parameter transmission are directly related to the safety of car driving [1] The most prominent feature of modern instruments is the modularization of functions. Usually, a single instrument needs to be assembled, and only a few functional modules need to be combined on the basis of customized PCBs to obtain a complete system. The pointer instruments of economic vehicles such as Chang'an are generally independent modules, and the indication/alarm function is completed by small light bulbs on the PCB. The SANTANA series pointer is driven by cross coils on the printed circuit board, The prompt/alarm lights are all the main data displayed on the dashboard of light-emitting diode cars. The source and corresponding display methods. Integrated circuit technology is rapidly developing, and the density and volume of integrated circuits are getting higher and smaller. The internal structure is becoming more complex and the functions are becoming more powerful. As some functions of the instrument panel are constantly replaced by software, hardware is becoming more and more powerful, The integration level of the entire system is also correspondingly improving. This design is based on Freescale microcontrollers and is aimed at traditional cars that dominate the market. It cites Changan's instrument panel as a template, with the main purpose of achieving a low-end solution for automotive electronic instrument panels)

Attention should be paid to the disassembly and assembly of automotive instruments:

Attention should be paid to the disassembly and assembly of automotive instruments: 1. When replacing the meter core or sensor separately, the instrument and sensor must be used together. 2. When disassembling the instrument and sensor, the action should be light and not knocked. 3. The wiring terminals of electromagnetic instruments have polarity and must not be connected incorrectly. The instruments on different car dashboard are not the same, but the conventional instruments in general cars include speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge, charging meter, etc. In modern cars, The automotive instrument panel also needs to be equipped with a voltage regulator, specifically for

golden lion introduce

The 2WD and 4WD series of ZTE Golden Lion are matched with a 90KW Mitsubishi four cylinder electronic injection engine and a 127KW Daimler Chrysler six cylinder engine, respectively. The key components of the transmission, car, and suspension are directly imported from the United States and Japan. Especially the 4WD version of the time-sharing drive system allows drivers to choose the driving mode based on actual road conditions. When driving on general roads and highways, Economy (rear wheel drive) driving mode can be adopted, and four-wheel drive can be used when driving on harsh roads such as mountains, snow, and mud. Whether it is rough or smooth, the four-wheel drive version of the "ZTE Golden Lion" will help you move forward and create a four-wheel drive myth

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