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ZTE golden lion Engine computer wiring harness

ZTE golden lion Engine computer wiring harness

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Engine computer wiring harness introduce

The most headache inducing issue in repairing high-end cars is the computer. When repair personnel encounter a computer malfunction, they dare not conclude that it is a problem with the computer. 1. The main function of the engine ECU is to adjust the engine's operation through the execution structure. In terms of use, it is a specialized microcomputer controller for cars, which controls many components on the car ECU stands for Electronic Control Unit ECU can be said to be the brain of the engine. Without it, the engine cannot operate normally. ECU's main function is to adjust the engine's operation through the execution structure. 2. There are many sensors near the engine of a car, and their function is to transmit data back to ECU. After processing by ECU, corresponding mechanisms can be executed to adjust the engine's normal operation. ECU is generally located in the engine compartment, so it can be said that there is no ECU, The engine cannot be used. If there is damage to the sensors near the engine, it can also affect the operation of the engine. 3. The sensors around the engine include the air influenza sensor, intake temperature sensor, etc. It can be said that basically all the sensors of the vehicle are gathered here. If the sensors are damaged, the ECU cannot collect important information about the car, and cannot accurately adjust the engine operation)

Internal maintenance of engine wiring harness

The engine wiring harness is generally composed of multiple strands of copper flexible wires inside and wrapped in plastic on the outside. The engine is like a person's heart, and the wiring harness can be called a person's veins. If the veins are not smooth, it can damage health and even cause diseases. Similarly, poor wiring will affect the engine's performance. Regular wiring harness maintenance: Wiring harness maintenance usually uses wiring harness protective agents, which work by forming a protective film on the surface of the engine wire/battery joint, Isolate moisture and avoid oxidation. Due to the high pressure resistance and insulation characteristics of the spray, it can also delay the aging and cracking of rubber and plastic fittings in the cabin, prevent electrical leakage caused by aging of the wiring harness. In addition, the protective film sprayed is not easy to get dirty and easy to wipe, which can keep the cabin clean for a long time

golden lion introduce

The 2WD and 4WD series of ZTE Golden Lion are matched with a 90KW Mitsubishi four cylinder electronic injection engine and a 127KW Daimler Chrysler six cylinder engine, respectively. The key components of the transmission, car, and suspension are directly imported from the United States and Japan. Especially the 4WD version of the time-sharing drive system allows drivers to choose the driving mode based on actual road conditions. When driving on general roads and highways, Economy (rear wheel drive) driving mode can be adopted, and four-wheel drive can be used when driving on harsh roads such as mountains, snow, and mud. Whether it is rough or smooth, the four-wheel drive version of the "ZTE Golden Lion" will help you move forward and create a four-wheel drive myth

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