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Xinte Automobile Xinte SITECH DEV 1 differential mechanism

Xinte Automobile Xinte SITECH DEV 1 differential mechanism

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differential mechanism introduce

The power of a car engine is transmitted through the clutch, gearbox, and transmission shaft, and finally to the drive axle, which is then distributed left and right to the half axle drive wheels. On this power transmission path, the drive axle is the last assembly, and its main components are the main reducer and differential. One type of transmission can transmit rotational motion from one shaft to two shafts, A differential mechanism that allows the latter to rotate at different speeds. It is generally composed of gears. The differential on cars and tractors is located inside the rear axle and consists of a differential housing, planetary gears, and half shaft gears [1] The function of a reducer is to reduce speed and increase torque. This function is completely achieved through the meshing between gears, which is relatively easy to understand. However, differential is relatively difficult to understand. What is differential and why is it necessary to have a "differential"? The differential of a car is the main component of the drive axle. Its function is to transmit power to both half axles while allowing them to rotate at different speeds, ensuring that the two wheels travel unevenly in a pure rolling manner as much as possible, reducing friction between the tires and the ground. This adjustment of the differential is automatic, which involves the principle of minimum energy consumption, That is to say, all objects on Earth tend to be in the state of least energy consumption. For example, if you put a bean into a bowl, the bean will automatically stay at the bottom of the bowl and never stay on the wall, because the bottom of the bowl is the position with the lowest energy (potential energy), and it will automatically choose to be stationary (with the least kinetic energy) instead of constantly moving. Similarly, the three-dimensional effect wheel will also automatically approach the state with the lowest energy consumption when turning, Automatically adjust the speed of the left and right wheels according to the turning radius. When turning, due to the sliding and dragging phenomenon of the outer wheel and the sliding and turning phenomenon of the inner wheel, the two driving wheels will generate two additional forces in opposite directions. Due to the principle of minimum energy consumption, the speed of the two wheels will inevitably be different, which will disrupt the balance relationship of the three. It will be reflected on the half shaft gear through the half shaft, forcing the planetary gear to rotate and accelerating the speed of the outer half shaft, The speed of the inner half axle slows down, thereby achieving a difference in the speed of the two wheels on both sides. If the drive wheels on both sides of the drive axle are rigidly connected by a single axle, the two wheels can only rotate at the same angle. Therefore, when the car turns to drive, due to the outer wheel moving a greater distance than the inner wheel through the differential schematic diagram, the outer wheel will experience slippage while rolling, while the inner wheel will experience slippage. Even if the car is driving in a straight line, It can also cause wheel slippage due to uneven road surfaces or uneven tire rolling radii (tire manufacturing errors, different wear, uneven load or air pressure). When the wheel slides, it not only intensifies tire wear, increases power and fuel consumption, but also makes the car difficult to turn and brake performance worse. To minimize wheel slippage, In terms of structure, it is necessary to ensure that each wheel can rotate at different angles. Axle to axle: Usually, the driven wheels are supported by bearings on the main shaft to rotate at any angle, while the driving wheels are rigidly connected to two half shafts, and a differential is installed between the two half shafts. This differential is also called an axle to axle differential. For off-road vehicles with multi axle drive, in order to enable each drive axle to rotate at different angular speeds and eliminate the sliding of the driving wheels on each axle, Some are equipped with an axle differential between the two drive axles)

The replacement method for the Fit differential is as follows

The replacement method for the Fit differential is as follows: 1. Install the reducer assembly onto the reverse gear; 2. Remove the retaining nut that fixes the differential bearing cover and remove the locking plate; 3. Remove the bearing cover and differential bearing nut, and remove the assembly of the differential; 4. Finally, replace the differential with a new one

Xinte SITECH DEV 1 introduce

SITECH DEV 1 is a microcar under the New Special Motors brand

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