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Xinte Automobile Xinte SITECH DEV 1 Transmission computer

Xinte Automobile Xinte SITECH DEV 1 Transmission computer

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Transmission computer introduce

Automatic Transmission (AMT) can determine the optimal gear position based on parameters such as vehicle speed, throttle, and driver commands, control the manual clutch disengagement and engagement, shift lever shifting and shifting, and synchronous adjustment of the engine throttle opening, ultimately achieving the automation of the shifting process AMT maintains the basic structure of the original mechanical transmission, and the commonly used imported AT (Hydraulic Torque Converter Automatic Transmission) has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, compact structure, low cost, easy manufacturing, reliable operation, and convenient operation. Especially its fuel-efficient characteristics are suitable for the application of large, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles in China)

Symptoms of broken transmission computer board

The symptoms of a faulty transmission computer board are: difficulty shifting gears, slipping gears, locking gears, and a burning smell: 1. Difficulty shifting gears. This is mainly targeted at manual transmission models. When the car owner finds that after shifting into first gear, pressing the clutch will make it impossible to shift, whether it is shifting up or down, it will be difficult. At this time, it actually indicates that there is a certain problem with the transmission, mainly including insufficient transmission oil and viscosity, Problems with clutch linkage, etc; 2. Sliding gear: A normally operating gearbox. When the car is stationary, the gearbox stops in the designated gear or maintains a certain speed range specified by the computer until you or the computer starts shifting. However, the gearbox gears automatically slide, and the car can spontaneously jump out of the drive gear and shift to neutral; 3. Lock gear: It means entering the protection mode. When the gearbox malfunctions, the computer can detect it. At this time, the computer will lock the gearbox in third or fourth gear to remind the owner not to drive it again; 4. There is a burnt smell: If you smell burnt transmission fluid, it may indicate that the transmission is overheating. Transmission fluid not only keeps the moving parts of the transmission lubricated properly, but also provides cooling to prevent the transmission from overheating

Xinte SITECH DEV 1 introduce

SITECH DEV 1 is a microcar under the New Special Motors brand

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