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Xinte Automobile Xinte SITECH DEV 1 Reverse mirror assembly

Xinte Automobile Xinte SITECH DEV 1 Reverse mirror assembly

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Reverse mirror assembly introduce

On the passenger side, it consists of a reverse mirror lens, a reverse mirror cover, a reverse mirror light (some models have side turn signals on the leaf panel), a reverse mirror bracket, and a motor, including all accessories of the reverse mirror, which can be directly installed)

Installation method of reverse mirror assembly/rearview mirror assembly

1. First, break open a small gap with your hand, insert a long screwdriver, and pry open all the buckles; 2. Then you can see three screws, unplug the power interface, remove the three screws, and finally take them off; 3. It is best to keep the lenses. When disassembling the lenses, you need to put four fingers in with a circle of buckles around it. Put your fingers in the buckle position and apply a little force to mix them outward until you hear a clicking sound; 4. Then install the new rearview mirror assembly in the opposite direction of the photo

Xinte SITECH DEV 1 introduce

SITECH DEV 1 is a microcar under the New Special Motors brand

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