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Xinte Automobile Xinte SITECH DEV 1 fog lamp

Xinte Automobile Xinte SITECH DEV 1 fog lamp

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fog lamp introduce

The following is an introduction to the functions of car front fog lights: 1. Let other vehicles see the car in foggy or rainy weather conditions where visibility is greatly affected by weather. 2. Install in the front of the car slightly lower than the headlights, used to illuminate the road when driving in rainy and foggy weather. 3. It can improve the visibility of the driver and surrounding traffic participants, To enable oncoming vehicles and pedestrians to detect each other from a distance, the following are the operation methods for activating the front and rear fog lights: 1. Joystick on type: Start the fog lights by rotating the switch on the joystick. When the button marked with the fog light signal is turned to the ON position, the front fog lights will turn on, and then turn the button down to the rear fog light position, that is, turn on the front and rear fog lights at the same time. 2. Button on type: Start the front and rear fog lights by pressing the button, and mark the fog light button near the dashboard or center console, Press the front and rear fog light buttons separately to turn on the front and rear fog lights)

Installation method of front fog lights/rear fog lights/LED fog lights/warning lights

1. First, remove the black outer shell of the vehicle fog light, pull out the wiring harness inside, remove the snake head, and leave the plug. 2. Remove the lining near the fog light inside the wheel hub, which can be pried open with a screwdriver or other tools for convenient installation of the fog light later. 3. Install the newly purchased fog light at the wiring harness plug that was just found, fix it with a screwdriver or other tools, and then install it at the dug circular hole, fix it, and finally restore the removed lining

Xinte SITECH DEV 1 introduce

SITECH DEV 1 is a microcar under the New Special Motors brand

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